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New Vegan, New Here.


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I'm a recovering meat, dairy and egg eater... I became Vegan approximately two months ago after watching the documentary Earthlings. My initial reasoning was ethical, but the more and more I read about the health benefits I'm excited to be healthier also.


Almost all of my life I had been overweight. In 2008 I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. I had struggled and failed so many times before at losing weight so I took drastic measures. After my surgery I begin working out and I've been going at it ever since. My progress and gains are a bit slower then most due to Mal-absorption but I still love working out.


I'm always looking to discuss new routines, recommendations and other things even cooking and food ideas. Looking forward to getting to know some of you wonderful Vegans.





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Not nearly as big as I want to be, which is depressing sometimes.


You've made great progress. You should start a training journal. The journals are always the best way to get feed and swap ideas with other people.

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It's good to see another gastric bypass person on here. I am transitioning to veganism.....do you find you have a hard time meeting your protein requirements? I know it's already a touchy subject in the world of veganism, but I've been worried about it in light of the bypass.

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