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Working back to a Vegan diet.

Cellar Yeti

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In January I literally came within inches of dying. It was a very traumatic experience that caused doctors to check my fat soluble vitamin levels only to find out they were dangerously low. In hindsight I believe I was misled. I jumped the gun. I was scared and I think I made a mistake but I learned lot. I picked up my omnivore diet until sometime in Feb but couldn't handle it and became flexitarian. I eat meat on the weekends, eggs and butter.


Veganism holds a strong multifaceted place in my heart. It saved me from a troubling time in my life. With close to 7 billion mouths to feed I don't believe an omnivore diet could ever be advocated both for animals and humans alike. It's cruel and wasteful. And with our technology just unnecessary.


I have finally gotten strong enough I can begin focusing on moving back to a Vegan diet. I got a little complacent and I feel bad about that. I was enjoying being healthy. But being omnivore is not the reason I was healthy. It was because I was finally listening to my body.


When I was healing I did A LOT of research. I actually ended up on paleo. A lot of the science is sound but just very misguided and bias. I felt great on paleo and vegetarian paleo but the skeptic in me wanted to know why. Was it because meat eggs and butter? No, after a bit of research I realized it was fat soluble vitamins and the removal of wheat and reduction of grains. I was also focusing heavily on fat as calories which I think most vegans neglect.


Without getting into a lot of painful science details about vitamin a, carotenoid cleaving and how dietary fat and mineral bioavailability helps it I will say this. Even for someone who is missing intestines I think I can safely become Ovo vegetarian and vegan again.


Well Veganism is what nearly killed you. Why would you want to? Veganism didn't nearly kill me. Not paying attention to my body and my diet nearly killed me, not working within the bounds of a medical condition, and becoming complacent did. It's nothing compared to the pain and death in the livestock industry.


I hope to rejoin the community soon once I sort myself out. I will always feel like I've lost these past few months of my life though....


Hope you're all well. Love you guys.

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You guys. :3


Well I was going to take this slower and ween animal products back out but I kinda just said fuck it. I wanna be Vegan again and I feel like I have a hole in heart.


I'm sitting on top of some non Vegetarian/Vegan supplements like vitamin k made with gelatin, vitamin D3 and a multi with D3 in it and some fermented cod liver oil plus some Whey protein. I'll have to use those up (2-3 months worth of stuff) I'll be switching to Now Vegan vitamin k2 from natto and lichen based D3.


But this month I'm taking butter eggs and my occasional meat out of my diet and kinda just jumping back in and I'll drop that stuff as I use it up.


Mom was still vegetarian but wants to give up eggs and crap so I got her some Vegan DHA and vitamin A (probably give her one 10,000 iu cap ever 2-3 days)


I bought a big ass 1 gallon tub of red palm oil to replace butter, some beta alanine (read Carnosine) and some Vegan friendly creatine. Also bought some neat meat. It's Vegan, gluten and soy free. I'll be cycling between that, Tempeh and beans/legumes.


One thing I am keeping as a constant is my gluten free grain free drastically soy reduced cyclic keto diet. Cyclic keto as a. Vegan? Yeah its possible. Here is my meal plan.



Coffee with coconut milk/Creamer



30g pea/rice/hemp protein, chorella, creatine, beta alanine, 1/4 can coconut milk



14 coconut oil, 14g red palm oil

115g spinach/broccoli, half an avocado, with garlic and onion. 28g b12 Nutritional yeast.14-28g Hemp seeds sporadically.



28g macadamia nuts, 28g other nuts, 28g shredded coconut, bit of dark chocolate occasionally.

30g pea/rice/hemp protein, chorella, creatine, beta alanine, 1/4 can coconut milk



14g coconut oil, 14g red palm oil

1/2 pack Tempeh, 1.4oz/dry nest meat or 115g split pea stew (on lift days)

115g carrots or parsnips

Garlic and onion

Green tea

On lift days only at night:

1lb sweet potatoes/red/gold poatoes

1+lb jasmine rice

1 half lb loaf of gluten free fruit bread


Misc snacks: if I hike or whatever and am hungry.

Baked Kale with Nutritional yeast. Extra protein shake.. Chewy coconut bar (just baked coconut with flaxseed and water, maybe a bit of fruit/chocolate) some nut butter on celery etc.


Black tea at night with coconut milk/Creamer.


Supplements. Whole food multi, vitamin d3, vitamin k, vitamin a, algae DHA, pea/rice/hemp/ protein, beta alanine, creatine, and chorella. Occasionally nettle root.


I may ditch chorella for the dha since it's redundant. But the chorella has some good benefits and is cheap. Mom doesn't take chorella so I will prolly still buy her algae dha.

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