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How to lose body fat


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Hello! I'm trying to lose body fat (I have 25% of BF - I want to lose at least 5 %). My diet consists of 50% carbs (only good carbs, 200g), 30% protein (120g) and 20% fat (35g). I eat 1600 kcal (my basal metabolic rate is 1300 kcal). I'm trying to eat more carbs in the first half od day and more fat and protein in the second half of day.


This is how I usually eat:

Breakfast - oatmeal with one piece of fruit, seeds or nuts and protein powder

Snack - usually protein shake after gym

Lunch - rice with veggies, legumes and sometimes with seitan (or tofu/tempeh)

Snack - tofu curd with rice cakes, sometimes with nuts too/homemade protein bar/rice cakes with peanut butter

Dinner - vegetables salad with legumes and seitan (or tofu/tempeh)


I go to the gym 4 times a week. I lift weights (around 30-40 minutes) and do cardio (not more than 30 minutes).


Do you think I will reach my goal with this plan? Or should I try another plan/carbs cycling?


Thank you for all answers! ♥

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