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Please critique my current workout and diet plan

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Hey everyone. I am just starting out at the gym trying to put on muscle can someone give me their opinion on my current workout and diet. My main aim at the moment is to get a six pack. As follows…


Mon - Wed - Fri (weight routine)


Start with 10 minutes running on treadmill


Double crunch x20 (medicine ball 5kg)

Chest Press - exercise large ball, 14kg x15 reps

Rest and repeat above two exercises, three times


Hamstring Curl Bridge - exercise ball x15 reps

Jack Knife - exercise ball, x15 reps

Rest and repeat above two exercises, three times


Lunges - 12kg dumbbells x20 reps

Single Arm Swing - 20kg kettlebell x10 reps each arm

Rest and repeat above two exercises, three times


Cable Rotation upwards - 50kg x12 each side

TRX Back Extension - x12

Rest and repeat above two exercises, three times


Knee Raise - x15

Pull ups - 10 reps

Rest and repeat above two exercises, three times

Stretches - 20-25 seconds each.


Tue - Thur (cardio routine)


Treadmill 20 minutes

Bike 15 minutes

Rowing 15 minutes


Workout diet


Morning meal 1 8am - Oatmeal, banana and crushed walnuts

Morning Meal 2 10am - Tofu scramble with onions green peppers and mushrooms


Pre workout shake

Workout 12pm

Post workout shake


Afternoon Meal 1 1pm - Brown rice with seitan and broccoli

Afternoon Meal 2 3pm - Bean salad with falafel and crunchy salad


Evening Meal 1 6pm - Grilled tofu, sweet potato and kale salad

Evening Meal 2 8pm - Vegetarian chilli with brown rice

Desert - apple and peanut butter with chocolate soya milk

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I don't know how your training or diet will affect your body fat but you need to get that down to a certain level to let your six-pack show through. If that's your main aim it would be better to concentrate on burning more calories (or ingesting fewer calories) than on having more calories to build muscle. I believe both can be done at the same time (burning fat and building muscle) but I'm not sure how to juggle the needs for training and rest with the appropriate number of calories. It seems to be difficult, judging by all the questions about bulking and cutting that people ask.


There is the argument that more muscle mass burns more fat but I'm not sure how much is needed to burn how much extra fat. Most of our energy expenditure comes from just living, and training doesn't contribute a great deal more - unless you train at a professional athlete level. Increasing your Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is a good way to lose excess fat.


Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.

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I'm new on here as of 5 mins ago so have no credentials but I know one thing to be true, I've put it into practice. If you want your abs to come through you need to lower that body fat %, you said you're new to the gym so for now your excercise program and diet look pretty good.


One thing I would suggest to get those abs on show is instead of all your lengthy cardio use HIIT training (Unless you are also training for a marathon or similar). High intensity interval training. It burns calories whilst you're doing the exercise, and then in a window determined by your own body, ATP production is increased which means whatever you eat is being used in the best way. Check out this study, I'm not lying. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24612773.


So what can you do for HIIT? My personal favourite is hill sprints. You have to be committed and put in 100% effort because these are draining and you will really have to push your body. A sprint is unarguably a whole body exercise, when you sprint your whole body is under tension. Thus you are really getting bang for your buck here, say you are only able to do three 100% sprints thats enough, good on you, do four next time, then five, then six, you'll be shredded and on twenty sprints before you know it.

Another sciency bit, due to the incline of the hill your muscles don't contract as far as on flat ground sprints making you less likely to pull a muscle. MAKE SURE TO WARM UP. Some varied speed jogging/running and dynamic stretching would be good as a warm up. Once warm, sprint up a hill with a decent incline, I personally go for 60 metre sprints but you should adapt the distance for yourself, afterwards walk back down with your hands on your head breathing out your ass, then sprint up again, repeat, until nauseous and can do no more.


If hill sprints don't seem like your thing, then the HIIT principle can be adapted for use on a stationary bike in the gym same principle, warm up for 5 mins, then sprint for 30secs, rest for 1:30 repeat as much as possible.


Oooo one more thing warm down afterwards, your body deserves it.


Hopefully I've introduced you to a new concept, if not sorry, I tried.






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