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Diet for a 3 hour workout session ?

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Apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered. So I'll be doing a 3 hour work out session for the first time later today.

After 4 hours of fasting,

1 hour Cardio

1 hour Abs

& 1 hour Shoulders & Legs (Functional)


I'm a complete noob when it comes to following the proper diet and with no expertise in this, I usually mess things for myself. What I want to know is if I should have the some carbs (complex or simple ?) before the functional weight training or not ? Should I have protein (I use zerocarb isopure) before the functional weight training too or after only or both ?


Sorry for the stupid questions.

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Any reason for a work out that is that long?

1 hour of abs?

Training legs after an hour of cardio is not the best idea.


You can do all 3 in one hour with proper intensity.


Anyway, workout nutrition depends on what you do.

For example:

weight session = protein shake and a banana an hour before (or just nothing), and just after.

long cardio session = carbs 4 to 2 hours before training, no or little protein/fat. Protein + carbs just after


Experimentation is the best way to find what works for you.

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lol i see people doing 2-3 hour workouts sometimes, or talking about it. Thanks for the suggestions !

Never seen anyone doing that, but maybe that's just my gym.

Hope you'll find the nutrition that suits your goal, don't be afraid to try things and experiment.

It took me a bit of time ahah.

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3 hour workout session will raise the cortisol levels in your body. A 3 hour workout really isnt necessary, especially a 1 hour ab workout I would also do an hour of legs and then some cardio afterwards- not the other way around.

I would do some carbs before for some energy and do simple carbs and protein post workout. Your muscle craves simple carbs after they have been worked. Proteins have amino acids which are muscle building blocks.


everyone does things differently so try switching things up to see what works for you

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