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Just ran my first 50km race

Mini Forklift

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Have never raced a 50km before, ended up just taking it a little slower than I would run a marathon. Fairly pleased with the result and you definitely require a completely different mindset than PL'ing.








5km: 27:30

10km: 56:00

20km: 1.52.00

30km: 2.50.00

42.2km: 3.55:00

50km: 4.45:21



CALORIES: 2,993 (624cal/hr)

AVE SPD: 10.51kph

AVE PCE: 5.42min/km

MAX SPD: 15.54kph

MAX PCE: 3.51min/km



Not fast by any means but I hung in there as my goal was to finish inside 5hrs




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Thanks Hobbs!


Immediately afterwards, I felt great. The nausea that hit me between 44-48km had passed and my legs felt surprisingly fresh. The morning after the race they were feeling pretty good too ~ just a little bit of inflammation in my left knee and that was about it really. Today is 48hrs after and I have no DOMS at all; quads, hams and calves all feel as normal and after resting up yesterday and today I'll be back out training tomorrow as normal.

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