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Vegan Restaurants/cafes/takeouts/shops in Portland, OR?

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Hi everyone


On holidays in the USA from Australia & will be in Portland, OR early next week.


I understand that the vegan "scene" is fairly big there, so I wondered if anyone could suggest a good place to go eat etc.


Looking forward to getting up there. Currently south of San Francisco.


thanks in advance



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Dang you've probably gone already, sorry I didnt see it sooner. If you are still there definitely go to Blossom, Papa G's! Also you can get a good vegan doughnut at voodoo doughnuts if you like sweets. Koi Fusion makes a ridiculously good korean taco or burrito, you can get it with tofu.

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Yep. Been & gone. Went up to Seattle after Portland then travelled back to Southern California. Ended up eating at the Loving Hut one night on W Jefferson (I think that's the street). That place was great & I highly recommend it.

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