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Vegan Doctor Addresses Soy Myths and Misinformation - See

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Excuse me I'm on a rant today.


I eat 24 ounces of Tofu PER DAY and proud. I've gained 11lbs of muscle in 6 WEEKS (tested during my bulk) eating no other protein besides Tofu, Soy Milk and "Raw Protein" from Garden of Life, which contains Brown Rice protein and Pea protein etc.


I've been eating soy for almost 2 years now daily.


Do I have man boobs? No (actually they went DOWN)

Am I turning Gay? No.

Is my voice changing? No.

Do I have allergic reactions? No.

Do I have ANY side effects? No.


I'm so tired of the dogma and bullshit.

If you are afraid of soy, have you actually TRIED it?


All the meat eaters say "SOY OH NO!".

I'm so sick of it.


Before you knock something, try it first.

Try, try, try!


I TRIED the pizza...

I TRIED the burgers...

I TRIED the sausages...

I TRIED the bacon..

And I got boobs from THIS, not soy.


I know animal eaters right now that ONLY eat meat because they herd "soy is bad". Otherwise they would go Vegan.


That's just absurd.

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AWESOME post!!!! LMFAO!!!


Went to Herbfest here in Colorado Springs at the weekend with some great talks from some vegan chef's and authors.


Audience was mix of vegans, vegetarians and 'others'. and the topic of Soy came up.


One of the speakers pointed out that diary industry was quick to jump on the soy = estrogen = man boobs (note, my wife has been vegetarian for decades, consumed lots of soy and nope, no side-effect boob job emerged....haha!


The speaker pointed out that soy does NOT contain estrogen, but does contain the phyto-nutrients or underlying chemical compounds that make up estrogen....2 different things. Like saying drinking water H2O is like drinking peroxide H2O2 because they contain the same ingredients...same but totally different!


My latest endeavor is to help those who 'tried tofu and didnt like it' (kinda like me with asparagus, onions, etc.) to consider that maybe it was the preparation vs the actual item? Learned LOTS of fun ways to make tofu (scramble of course, but also various concoctions to make in a sandwich where the texture/chewiness depends on spices and how long you cook it...) and ditto with quinoa, lentils, assorted veg and spices....shared at Herbfest....be adventurous. learn spices (sometimes just by smell or experiment). Like with tofu. It's not all squishy or limp or whatever. LEARN to make it how you like like! And with prices at COSTCO for organic, non GMO tofu, you can afford to get it wrong now and again!!!


RANT appreciated!!!

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i've try soy since 2 week et i feeling a libido less, i have sleep probleme together, maybe the probleme come of it, but i have the sensation of libido less... i continu to 2 week again et make conclusion.


I eat some soy "milk"

100g of tempeh & 100g of tofu a day... i know it's not jumbo but maybe it's psychological...


or maybe everyone is different et don't react the same...



Thank for you feedback

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