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really need help

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I really need help with my diet, it's something completely new to me.


I'm aware my food intake is too low also I'm not used to have 6 meals in a day.


I'm a woman of 160 cm ( 5'3 ?) and about 47 kgs ( about 104 pounds ? ).


I workout 3-4 times / week , right now is the best I can do, because of a lack of energy and difficulties to recover after each sessions. ( bodyweight workouts)


HEre is an example of my daily diet. (I'm not vegan although you'll notice that their is no dairy products and practically no meat )




2 to 4 whole wheat crackers

hazelnutpaste (all natural without sugar)

fruit (slice of melon or 1 banana)

chicory with coffee and soy milk or rice milk ( about 250 ml 8.45 oz ?)


noon (fits in my plate, french plates not very big ones)

pasta + salad (lettuce,cabbage etc...)+ sprouted lentils if I have+ sunflower seeds and 2 to 3 tbsp oil, spices

fruit salad


SOmetimes for snack if I have time

whole wheat cookies ( 5-6 cookies) plus chicory and soy or rice milk



meal same as noon with sometimes an egg or a bit of fish


and cookies (same as snack) + chicory with soy or rice milk


I've ordered an organic plant based protein powder and have taken one shake after a work out, but I'm not very comfortable with the idea of protein shakes.


Please help me build up a diet pattern, but please don't judge me if you think my current diet is nonsense, I'm just asking for help


Thank you

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THank you for your reply


My workouts last about 45 minutes and my goal right now is to put on some muscles to look less skinny. People are sure I don't eat much but I do eat good plates and usually with a lot of oil.

(I usually follow zwow workouts and add some rounds more or some other strength exercices.)



THe cookies, because they are tastefull and once I eat one, I eat more.


So I've began to change things a bit yesterday and today after reading some journals on the forum I tried to make 6 mini meals.




2 whole wheat crackers+ hazelnutpaste (without sugar)

2 mugs of chicory with coffee and soy milk enriched in calcium

+ a piece of melon


at 10 am

200 ml almond juice+ 1 dried fig


at 1 pm

rice (a little bowl) +raw veggies+chickpeas and french home made salad dressing+ sunflower seeds


afternoon snack:

a soy yogurt+a banana+ 1 mug chicory with coffee and ricemilk enriched in calcium


tonight (around 8:30_9 pm yes we always eat late)

rice+ green salad+ lentils+homemade salad dressing and melon +tea


so no cookies today


what do you think ?


Thank you

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You don't eat much indeed, and it seems to be a bit low on protein.


Lunch and diner look fine, protein + carbs + green + fats, you can't go wrong with that


Breakfast and snacks are quite light, so you could either

- eat a bit more of what you currently have

- or go for more calorific foods (replacing almond milk by soy milk, the melon by a banana, etc...)

- or all of the above!


So for instance:



2 soy yoghurts

2 whole wheat crackers + peanut butter

1 banana



A bowl of home-made muesli

soy milk + oats + a few nuts + a few chopped dates/dried apricots/dried figs etc

1 apple


snack1 (I often have that)

300 ml soy milk

1 apple

handful or almonds


Post-work out

1 protein shake

(250ml rice milk + a scoop of protein)

Maybe a piece of fruit


snack 2

a soy yogurt

a banana

1 cracker + almond butter


Try various things, and find what suits you the best, depending on the foods you like, your appetite, your energy level, etc.

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Ok thank you for your advice. The quantities seem huge, but I can try to add more like you say . Yesterday I was so full with what I ate.

By adding the morning snack and the post work out snack I felt more energized yesterday and today.

Yesterday I had a post workout shake (2 tbsp sunflower seeds protein in juice) .


I'll follow your diet plan tomorrow, but one question, how long do you wait between a protein shake and your meal.

Also if tomorrow my workout is at 4:30 pm, how do you fit in the snack and the post workout, in order not to "overload" the stomach ?



Thank you

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I'm a small eater too and hate feeling full and heavy, so I see what you mean.


The way to do it is to slowly increase the quantities. So for instance for a week or two, add an extra piece of fruit or a yoghurt here and then, and see how it goes. No need to go overboard and make you sick! Training for a marathon also increased my appetite, now I can handle more food ahah


Also remember to target food that are high in energy (nuts and healthy fats for instance) as you don't need to have much to significantly increase your calories intake. You might also try to limit a little the foods that are low in calories like vegs. So for instance, as your lunch and diner look filling, try to reduce vegetables a little.


I usually train in the evening at about 6.

So it goes like this:


3pm/4pm: snack (fruit, glass of milk, some nuts)

6: training

7: shake

8.30-9: meal


Hope that helps.

Again try to vary quantities of food/timing to see what works best for you.


I like leaving plenty of time between snack and training so I don't feel heavy or sick, especially if training is a run. I have the shake as soon as I'd done with training as I found out the earlier is the better.


Often I'm not very hungry for the meal but eat anyway as food is critical for recovery and makes a lot of difference in the way I feel the day after. From what you say, seems to be the same for you


Sometimes I don't finish the meal or have a smaller one. Sometimes I have an extra snack before bed.

It's good to have a meal plan so you know what you're doing, but we're not machines either. It's normal to eat a bit more or less than planned.

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Thank you for your help,


LIke you said, I didn't feel hungry for dinner too, but ate a small meal anyway because I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and wait for the morning to eat.


Ok, time to train now.


THank you again as this was really helpfull

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à Hobbs

Alors ça c'est pas mal tiens!

Oui, ça fait presqu'un an que j'y habite et on compte y rester. On cherchais un endroit sympa pour vivre et je crois que nous l'avons trouvé.

Tu es Français ? Que fais-tu en Angleterre ?


FrenchFItnessGreen, oui . Oû habites-tu ?

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