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Yeah, I'm still working on a number of book projects.


It takes a much longer time than I thought.


But YES, still working on it.


Thanks for checking in.


I will have more free time in the near future to focus on it.


All the best!

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Thanks, no problem. Projects pile up, but I have some priorities, so no worries, books will be done


My organizational skills are improving and I'm an amazing multi-tasker at times. I eat, talk on the phone, e-mail, get dressed, pack up product orders, all at the same time, without spilling food on the computer, or accidentially mailing my food along with a t-shirt, or packaging up the clothes I'm supposed to wear.


I still don't sleep much, but I'm taking care of it this month. I decided sleep is the major health component that I've ignored for the past year and a half and it is catching up with me. I can eat well and train hard, but I'm just not recovering well and since I'm on the go 19 hours a day I don't rest or recover during waking hours either.


It was sooooo nice in California....no e-mail, no computer, no work, no worries. Those days will be more frequent in the near future

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