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Hey, I was needing peoples opinions and advice on a certain thing. I am currently 12 stone and have been going to the gym 3-5 times a week for the past 10 months. I have been doing weight lifting and cardio in variation, and I'm wanting to lose weight/tone up, any advice on what I can do and different exercises I can do to start toning up? Any protein powders that help aswell would be great! I live in the UK so I can only get a hold of certain ones.




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Hello mate! where abouts in the UK?


3-5x to the gym per week is pretty darn good!


Had to do conversion to get stones to lbs...168 according to google. Depending on your height, that could be either too lean, too much or just about right...I'm currently right around 170, and pretty pleased, working on a bit more size but probably do confusing combos of weights mixed with fighting (Krav Maga -- which by the way the British Krav Maga Association is pretty active on facebook) which is more about cardio, endurance and intensity than pure strength.....but I digress.


Wanting to lose some weight and tone up, probably ought to start with food, and then see if workout routine needs tweaks. Can't immediately say if protein is a need or not 'till know what you typically eat. "MORE PROTEIN" is all the rage in marketing of pretty much EVERY product over here lately, and as far as I've read from many experts, don't think there has ever been a case of protein deficiency in modern America. LOL. Though the fact that TOO much protein is bad gets very little attention.


SO, its like midnight your time, so will check back for response tomorrow...



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I've been reading up for a new cut plan I want to run in the fall and while I cant say from experience yet, I can say that for my cut I plan to try to increase the ratio of "raw" foods in my diet. From what I've read it seems to be a sure thing if you can stomach it, alot of raw food can be bland in comparison to a normal or even vegan diet. However there are several good raw cook books available now that can make it fun!


If your interested I'd highly recommend this book


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