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Hell Week - Bikini competition prep

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Hello All! I competed in my first bikini competition a week ago. I've only been vegan since Jan. 1, and I was excited to be one of the few, and I think the only vegan competitor at this particular event. I placed 3rd (hooray!) But I want to move forward differently. The day of the show (I felt) I did not step on stage looking my best. I looked better a week before and the days that followed. It has taken me a week to physically get over competing.

I would really like to hear what other competitors do for training, water and food the 2 weeks and particularly the week before competition.

Water or no water the days before and day of show?

Carb depleting followed by massive sugar?

Intense workouts with no carbs in your body?

Water pills?


Since I am new to this I am pretty confused and uneducated. I have two coaches and they led the way this last time, but I feel I need to deviate from their plan for better results. They have never worked with a vegan, but they are totally supportive. I just feel there must be a better way.


Or maybe competing just isn't for me.



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Good for you!!!


Might suggest you check out Living Lean by Mike Dolce. He's a nutrition/trainer for UFC fighters and helps with both fitness and then the weight cut (in a healthy, from-the-earth whole foods type approach). Probably a similar process/goal for getting ready for bodybuilding or bikini competition. One goal being to safely get your % body fat down so you look leaner...and meaner.


He does a free podcast too, and takes questions via Twitter @TheDolceDiet.....if you hit him up with your bikini question tell him @VeganBadass_CO suggested it!


Could offer more specific advice but without a picture you know, hard to say what is best to do.....

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