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I have no idea.

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I'm a 19 year-old male who has been vegan for a year and a half now. Since becoming vegan I've lost A LOT of weight. I weigh 55kg and am 177 cm tall. I was thinking of eating animal products again but have decided against it and am going to try to get a proper meal plan together. I've read through the 'can I see what you typically eat?' thread and noticed there is a lot of what I guess are shakes that contain stuff like soya protein. I was wanting to start doing some exercises (and that's another question I have, which exercises I can do to bulk up?) but I don't think I'd do enough to warrant something like supplements, but I'm not too sure... Also, what's a relatively cheap, easy to clean blender/food processor (which ever it is) for making shakes? What is flax oil good for? where would I be able to get this in Australia, a health food store? should I do a set of exercises before eating? where can I find some videos/articles on easy to make vegan recipes? I guess I'm after high calorie, easy to make stuff like soups and shakes? or perhaps not high calorie because I'll end up just getting chubby, though I am quite underweight so maybe I'd just return to an average weight? My favourite sort of exercise would be running but that's more of a weight loss thing, isn't it?


I literally have no idea about any of this..

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How much weight have you lost? I wouldn't be so concerned with an underweight BMI unless you are experiencing health problems. It sounds like you aren't, but rather just have a hard time keeping on weight.


Lifting weights, or high intensity cardio is the only weight to build muscle. Endurance exercises actually tend to reduce muscle mass because the body wants to get rid of unused mass. Fat is often the first thing to go, but then you start to lose muscle as your muscles become more efficient and are not used to their full capacity. To build or keep muscle, you need to stress the muscle to its full capacity.


You want to eat enough calories that gives you enough energy for exercise, as well as to repair your body after exercise. You have a BMR of around 1500 calories a day. You probably need a minimum of 2,500 calories while exercising about an hour a day.


You might also want to get blood work done. Focus on thyroid and sex hormones to make sure you don't have an issue there. An overactive thyroid will catabolize muscle, and low testosterone will keep you from building much muscle.

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