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Anyone else do insanity? This is my second time doing it (third round), but the first time I had to modify a lot because of a health issue and didn't get the full benefit. I just started month two and it is excellent. It is the ONLY thing that has ever gotten my belly fat to go down.


Since I started I haven't lost any weight, but if I took a photo everyday, I bet it would look like my belly is melting into my legs. Belly fat going away slowly, and my legs are much larger. My performance and endurance is better than at anytime in my life. I have nearly doubled my vertical jump the speed of doing pushups. I wouldn't say I have much fast twitch muscle fiber, but this program is helping to activate what I do have.


The one thing I have noticed is my biceps have gotten a wee smaller I think, and I noticed my pull-up numbers have dropped. Upper back and biceps are probably the two muscle groups that don't get much play in this regimen. I think I will add three days a week of back and biceps.


When this round is over, I am going to start another round with my weight vest. I will start at 20 and see how it goes. After every two months, I will try and add more weight.


If anyone else is doing it, let's discuss our mental health here:)

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Use the search feature in the upper right hand of the forums, and search the term insanity. Im sure a bunch will come up its talked about a lot.


Also I read about a recent study warning about the potential harm of stress done to the body if you do high intensity workouts too frequently. Insanity is pretty awesome. Just make sure you give your body some rest after. Ill see if I can find the article and post it.

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Well into month two now. The works out are very hard, but so rewarding. I still take longer breaks that the video allows, but then again, I am older than most of the people in the video.


I was hoping I could train up my max heart rate, but it seems to be stuck in the high 160's. My resting heart rate gets very low on these videos. I have seen as low as the high 30's.


These videos make any cardio video in P90X look tame. I highly recommend them. I have never been in as good of shape as I am now.

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