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Too much high intensity training could hurt you!

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In regards to the first study. it stated:


"But the most active group, those who did daily strenuous physical activity, also had increased risk of dying of heart problems than people who were active only two to four times a week, according to the study."


Heart attacks aren't caused from a build-up of plaque in the arteries, but rather a rupture of the plaque causing a blockage. Intense exercise is more likely to cause a rupture than light exercise.



The second study is a survey. I wouldn't put much faith into a survey based study at all. They are the most inaccurate.

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Another thing to consider is that atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia. Millions of people who have it don't even know they have it and aren't diagnosed. I would suspect the people most likely to recognize it are those people who engage in high intensity exercise. So, there may be the same ratio of AF in moderate or low intensity exercisers, they just don't know they have it and are obviously not treated.

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Fact - Intense muscular contractions milks venous blood back to the cardiac muscle which protects it while you workout intensely. Moreover, high intensity training also up regulates certain enzymes which in time has the cardiac muscle work less hard at rest and play.


Indeed Mike is right, too much of anything is toxic, and intense physical stress is no exception to that rule. There is a therapeutic window here, but its a very narrow one, the dosage and frequency must be just right...especially when your a natural trainee with an average recovery ability. HIT is not a "hobby", it is what it is, intense physical stress, make no mistake...overexposure is toxic.

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