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Steve Reeves on steriods

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Hi all,


So talking about Steve Reeves and natural bodybuilding on another thread recently got me thinking, specifically as to why today's pro bodybuilders are so looked up to, and secondly, why people want to even see that chemical look? I don't discount the fact that these men and woman train and work extremely hard to achieve the end product we see on stage, however the fact is, these people are using vast quantities of drugs to achieve that ridiculous look. How much? Well, consider when Andreas Munzer (the most shredded bodybuilder in history) died of multiple organ failure aged just 31, his body was found to have no less than 20 different drugs in it. On a side note, he is just one of many who have payed the ultimate price in recent years.


Here's a video i notice of Steve Reeves the other day, and it really sum's up how the bodybuilders from the golden era of bodybuilding feel about today's "champions"...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3RhccAyrgE


The quote at the beginning really sum's it up perfectly for me...


"Bodybuilding as its practiced and promoted today, is dying and dying fast. Well, its a good thing, never in my life would i have imagined that such a terrific sport would have been filled with so-called "champions" who are held up as heroes and adulated for physiques that were built with drugs. What kind of REAL bodybuilding champion is that?

Since when did the distinction need to be made between natural bodybuilder and chemical bodybuilder need to be made, when i built my body you were a bodybuilder...PERIOD! And you did it without drugs, by training hard, eating right and getting the right amount of rest."


Interested in hearing other views on the matter:)


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hey Rob, todays bodybuilders do look ridiculous, especially to non bodybuilding fans. Iam a huge bodybuilding fan and follow most of the comps, i dont know why but i like the look even though iam not a pro bodybuilder myself. I think its the same with all "sports" (i know bodybuilding gets called a sport but its debatable whether it is or not) people want to see the strongest fastest biggest freakiest etc whatever they happen to be doing be it bodybuilding cycling athletics etc........The problem is once one person gets to a certain level using drugs or not the next guy wants/needs to be better so ends up looking for an edge and so it goes on and on. its a shame to think that a stage full of steeve reeves type physiques wouldnt even get any notice these days......even the newer "physique" mens comps are full of drug users be it t3 clenbuterol etc fat burners, aswel as steroids, although the guys are alot smaller they are still un-naturally ripped. I dont think there is any hope of change in our drug filled 'looks at all costs society', people will do whatever it takes these days even if it means drastically shortening your life. Are the bodybuilding fans like me guilty of fuelling all this by buying magazines paying to go to shows etc? thats something ive wondered about too. I know lots and lots of steroid users that look great and dont even compete so id imagine it wouldnt really make a difference anyway. I didnt know andreas had 2o drugs in him at the time of his death, i know pros use some horrendous amounts of gear, its not hard to find out just how much, but 20??? One thing i have always found strange is that all the steroids users in modern bodybuilding get called all sorts and judged but, no one says anything about Arnold, an open user, plus all the other film stars that are clearly on the hot sauce. ill stop here or im going tobe writing all night.

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What about ya mate...


All very true Mike,


Yeah i was surprised Steve Reeves used the term "sport" to describe bodybuilding, when you look at his pictures the word "art" seems a better term. There is objective criteria to judging bodybuilding, but i honestly have to never seen it as a sport. The Weider brothers tried for decades to get Olympic recognition, but it never happened, the Olympic committee told them they need to "clean up" the sport as the drug use is soooo flagrant.

I saw an interview of Dorian Yates on youtube talking about his steroid use, he made what imo was a very irresponsible comment about steriods not being all that bad since they did him no harm (so far). I wonder what possessed him to make such a comment when several of his fellow competitors are dead or seriously ill (Andreas, Nasser, Art Artwood, Don Youngblood, Sonny Schmidt, Mohammed Benaziza), or have kidney failure (Flex Wheeler, Don Long, Tom Prince, Shaun Davis). Mike Materzzo needed a triple heart bypass at just 38, he blames the bodybuilding lifestyle and steroid use.

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