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World Cup 2014


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Thought this site could use a world cup thread. Sure there are some fans here since its such an international group!


1. List the teams you are cheering for.


2. Do you know of any world cup players that are vegan?


3. Who do you think will win it?




For me 1. Ivory Coast and Bosnia. 2. I am about to do some googling! 3. Brazil they do home field advantage like no one else!

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Hey Dylan,


For me its cheering on Holland and France:)


Before the tournament i was thinking Argentina, but they didn't look all that good against Bosnia last night. Still, its early days. I also think Croatia were robbed against Brazil.


I hope Portugal go out in the first round, nothing against the Portuguese, just hate that over groomed wee prick Ronaldo:))

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What up with the ? 2nd? and whats rubmaps?


Yes still following. This is the most exciting world cup ever!


Costa Rica yesterday! Nigeria put up a good fight today, France just too strong.


USA tomorrow vs Belgium. Im not counting us out yet!

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