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Hi folks! I'm a long-time vegetarian, gave up meat at the age of 10 after watching "Babe" nearly 20 years ago, who has dabbled into veganism and is transitioning back into it again. I was Vegan for about a year 8-10 years ago, but then went traveling and it just became impossible since I didn't have a kitchen and certain areas simply weren't able to understand, so I gave into cheese and eggs and some seafood.


I'm pretty much vegan again now (cut out buying eggs and dairy about 6 months ago), occasionally I'll eat mussels/oysters and if I go out I won't make a stink if there might be a touch of dairy or egg in a pasta or bread. Basically my kitchen is vegan, but if I'm out I won't be a stickler for less than obvious non-dairy animal products (ie I had a butternut squash ravioli at a veggie friendly resto the other day and assumed it was vegan)


I'm in my late 20s now, a shade under 6 feet and about 175 pounds. My workout routine these days consists of almost nothing but different kinds of pushups and pullups and curls (for the girls) 3 times a week, and I play hockey a couple times a week and that takes care of my legs and cardio (my legs are actually bigger than my upper body proportionally despite me ignoring them). I'm making good strides for now, but once I plateau I'm hoping to get serious into weight lifting and do the Ed Bauer plan.


Cheers! Hope we can share tips!

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