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Raw Vegan weight gain - Help!!

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Hello all! I've been an 801010 / RT4 vegan for over 110 days now. In my first 2 months - I dropped those last 5 lbs and then some! I felt so awesome and energetic, but this last month I stopped losing weight and started gaining it where I never had before - my abdomen. I always gained weight in my lower half, but it's like that has gotten smaller and I've put a pudge on my belly. It's incredibly aggravating. I don't know what's wrong! I'm back up to my starting weight since transitioning ( 120) - which means I've gained all my weight back that I lost ( I was down to 114). I've been experimenting with my intake trying to figure out what changed.


I do know that in the beginning - i was eating LOTS of food - probably 2000 - 2500 cals a day, I still work out 6 days a week (P90X3, HIIT and Insanity routines) like before - if not more so. Anyway, I was eating A LOT of fruit and veggies and staying slim and happy and energetic - but the past 30 - 45 days the weight has crept on. I started to transition off a high hormone dose birth control and eating more dried fruits ( figs and dates). I've been off my BC now for about 2 weeks and last week I got rid of the dried fruits. I also decided to cut back on the sweet fruit intake - perhaps that's what it is? I don't know what to do - im getting really beaten down mentally - I'm going to cut my cals back to 1400 - 1600 a day for this week and possibly next to see what that does. ? My current BMR is 1350 cals.


I'm almost battling my brain - this lifestyle was supposed to be about abundance - not restriction, which is where I came from as a meat eater. I could never go back to eating meat ( I've become more of a raw ethical vegan) but I don't know what to do. Should I increase my protein? fats? just stick it out? Ugh!! I've never read or heard of a raw vegan/RT4 gaining weight after losing?! Any and all help/advice would be a blessing!

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The tweaks your trying sound sensible to me.


I've never done 801010, just variety of plants, fruits, grains, etc. so can't really help you there. Nothing wrong with eating the fruits in my opinion, might come down to the timing of your intake in respect to your activities. Fuel up before workout (this is where fruit works well for me), then eat for rebuilding (leafy greens, quinoa or similar protein source, lots of water).


Since everything else stayed the same, maybe the hormone change is the suspect and once you get adjusted you'll start shaping up again?


Could be a variety of things out of balance in your diet. Too much complex carbs maybe? How often do you eat? Every 2-4 hours to keep the metabolism humming along?


Poking in the dark. Maybe post up a typical day's intake and see if anything jumps out at me?


Don't give up!!!


Plant-based should be about variety and satisfaction...not sure I'd say abundance as still possible to over consume (in theory anyway - haha)....

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