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Protein Powder

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Is protein powder safe? Here's the scoop I was an idiot and did fasting and worked out and lost a lot of muscle. I'm very upset. I just don't want to have any negative health consequences as a result of taking them. Other than protein powders, I eat extremely healthy. No oils, and 80/10/10. Any studies on the safety of protein powders?


Also, what is the best vegan sources of protein powder? Would about soy, pea, and brown rice I was I was looking at. Any advice on what is best? What have you found to be most helpful to gaining muscle?

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be interested to read the Dr Fuhrman article..thanks for posting link, and no, haven't read it yet so will give my opinion and then go see if I'm right/wrong/partially correct.


SO, the whole protein thing. 2 parts of it to me, 1 is the source and 2 is the bio-absorption.


Preferable to eat a rounded enough variety of plants, beans, nuts, etc. to get all your proteins. For some though that's easier said than done. Doing the variety approach can get you all the bits of 'complete' protein which can also be had from single sources like spirulina.


As the protein powders do exist and mix nicely in with a post workout smoothie...(mine are often mixed fruit, kale, spirulina - just started this, and pea powder). Pea powder is tasteless and has mixes well. Info is here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/go-pea-pea-protein-for-every-nutrition-plan.html


On recommendation of other posts on this forum, I did get some hemp samples from wholefoods (haven't tried them) and some do a combo product that contains pea/wheat/hemp all together.


I've had good results from supplimenting with the pea powder -- usually on days when my other meals might have been lighter than usual. Other days, depending on whats for breakfast and lunch and dinner I skip it. Most days have lots of different sources for me, and on my really long days (work, workout + krav) it's all loaded up....lentils/qunioa/veg concoction for, nicely sourced lunch (usually leftovers from dinner prior in the week) containing beans, or faux-meat option (boca, light-life, beyond meat, etc.) and carb up at lunch too for endurance....fruit in the afternoon on the way to Krav...tons of plain old water, sometimes mixed with some chia seeds....then dinner after.


Can't think of any negative aspects, of course it's probably easier to OD on it than you can with whole-foods derived sources. All about balance.


I'd heard it that fasted training has it's place but it's not optimal for regular engagment -- for reasons like you experienced, and not having the fuels on board for a sustained workout. To each their own, but unless trying to get cut or make weight, I don't get it?


You mention 'no oils'? Can I ask why?


Coconut oil is the bomb!! for cooking, for in your tea/coffee.....mmmm!!!


Source-wise I think you're pretty safe with which ever option you go with or the combo thing. I have found that WHEN I take on various nutrients impacts my performance. So a little experimenting, logging what you ate, when and how you felt...will get you in tune with your own bodies preferences for pre/post workout consumptions.


Off to read Dr Furhman now and see how wrong I got it...lol!

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Yayy!!! Was right on with Dr F on preference to get my nutrients from the actual foods/fruits/veg/nuts/beans.


We don't abstain from some of the 'meat' options (just getting into the beyond meat stuff) for some things just roll that way, but have learned how to substitute veg for lots of meals.


Only human.....

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