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lifting weights and weight loss for women

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I get so confused on what is right and what is not when it concerns weight lifting for women. I am trying to lose this last little bit of weight and get my body fat down. I am currently 24%. I am trying to get down to 19%. I love to workout and do a lot of Gfit( golds gym version of crossfit without olympic weight lifting). I also love to lift weights and heard that it helps to burn more fat when you build more muscle. My question is, is it better to lift heavier weights with less reps. or lighter weights with more reps. to lose weight?

Thanks, Kathy

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Heavier weights tend to burn more calories, so it burns more fat.

Programs like the stronglifts ( http://stronglifts.com/5x5/ ) have a huge impact to burn calories.

The downside of using heavier weights is that it is more dangerous for inexperienced lifters. If you are going to lift really heavy and ou are inexperienced you should ask for help from more experienced lifters, in order not to injure yourself.

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Agree with maybenot.


Plus, atleast for me, mixing in some weight work, whether for size or strength conditioning, adds to body muscle confusion and fends off boredom too! I'd suggest avoiding weight 'machines', do what you can with dumbbells, start light to both get used to the motions and to find where the right weight is for you.


But also, might suggest that last bit of BMI you're targeting might also indicate a slight diet change too....

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