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Soy Protein causes Gynecomastia?

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Soy is a good estrogen receptor stimulator. And I hypothesized that it can cause the mammary glands to proliferate IF soy is ingested in a large quantity at certain highly sensitive period of time during adult development in a male. Especially if that male is already accumulating estrogen receptor stimulating bodyfat (this is how some high bodyfat males are able to get the hard man boobs - not just the soft fat man boobs). And soy oil is in everything! I had to back off of soy when my overweight son started to develop hard man boobs -which went away after taking him off of soy for a couple of months. But it made me realize that even my jar of pasta sauce from the natural health food store (Whole Foods) contains soy! soy oil to be exact. So I now look for oil-free or a label that advertises for olive-oil containing food products.

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It actually rare that men get gyno from soy, unless there is an underlying problem or they are in unbalanced hormonal state, like teenagers or older gentlemen. .. It's a very common problem in teenage boys because of hormonal changes, regardless of soy consumption and generally resolves itself. However when soy is added to that it can make the problem worse. It's rare that soy is the actual cause of the problem.


Men are a lot more likely to get gyno as a side effect of certain medications. Like meds used for heart failure, high blood pressure and commonly used meds for heartburn like tagament and zantac. Funny how you don't hear about that in the commercials huh?


It's also very common for men to mistake gyno with just an increase in fat deposits (pseudogynecomastia). Having man boobs as a result of high body fat storage and gyno are different. Gyno is glandular tissue not fat.

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Can someone please explain to me why so many Soy Protein bashers claim this? Is it true?


No, it is not true.


Soy is big business that threatens other people's businesses. People also like their urban folklore, so even people who don't have money in the game will spread misinformation.


I have a whole section on my blog where I collect articles that tell you, from reliable sources, that soy is just another food:



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I just got the results of a blood test this morning, from a very, very, thorough doctor, who has her name in local metropolitan magazine's "Best Doctors Of ___" issue.


I went vegetarian at 14 years old, over 3 decades ago. Every since then I have been eating soy in all forms at least several times a week, probably too much.


My total cholesterol came back at 107 mg/dl


My total testosterone came back at 621 mg/dl

My free testosterone came back at 112.48 pg/ml


My doctor told me that both testosterone numbers would be pretty good for any guy, but especially for a guy my age.


This is after a life time of regularly eating soy foods.


Anti-soy people either do not know what they are talking about or are intentionally trying to scare people away from alternative products in my opinion.

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