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How much Fructose is bad for you?

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Hey Guys,


someone tell me that too much Fructose is bad for you. Yesterady i ate 4 Bananas and 750g different berries. He thinks that this is too much Fructose. Is this true?


I think that i can eat much more fruit and nothing bad happens. A Fruit consists of 50% Glucose and 50% Fructose right?


I am clueless. Do you have a explaining video for me, or a study? What do you think about this issue?





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Fructose in it self I wouldn't say it's bad for you. Some people do have trouble with to much sugar leading to health problems though. Other don't. It's always a combination of factors. I have a friend who is very healthy and pretty cut, very athletic who eats 90% fruit in her diet. It's almost all she eats and she has no problems with it. She's been eating that way for years. I on the other hand can eat very little fruit and I have to limit carbs of any kind or I have problems with my blood sugars going into pre diabetic ranges as long as I keep my meals balanced and limit sugars or any kind I do fine.

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I'm not aware of any suggesting that fruit leads to cancer. My understanding on the research that I have read on the subject is that scientist showed that cancer uses fructose to grow. All cells even cancer need energy to grow, all they showed was that cancer cells use fructose as well as glucose to divide and grow. They didn't show fructose as being the cause of the cancer. There are many studies showing that naturally occurring fructose can help prevent pancreatic cancer and other forms of cancer. So anyone who has cancer may want to limit fructose in the diet.


However a well balanced diet is always a good choice.

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