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Vegan Bodybuilding Shirts for free - I need space!


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Dear vegan bodybuilders!


I have been active in the forum a while ago and I have been on the VBB vacation (an alltime classic event) in 2007.


Since I do not do BB anymore but now focus on Yoga (I am still vegan of course ) I did not wear the shirts for several years.


I have 6 t-shirts and 2 longsleeves to give away:

1. 2 blue t-shirts with big logo size M + L

2. 2 blue t-shirts with small logo size M + L

3. 2 black t-shirts with big logo size M + L

4. 1 yellow longsleeve with big logo size L

5. 1 grey longsleeve with big logo size L


If you are interested and not live in in Germany, the only thing you would have to pay is the shipping.


Please note: I will give away all shirts together - but for free!



VBB shirts

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Namasté AnotherHuman,


I am more than happy to send them. Mini Forklift obviously is very busy with his business right now (which is a good thing), so I still have all shirt here.

Shipping to US would be 20$.

Just send me a PM with your address and I will the shirt asap.


Best regards,




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Wow, awesome!


Yes, I thought of you when I was yelling Schweinsteiger at the TV during the World Cup!


Wow, kid 4 is on the way. Congratulations! I know you always had super cute photos of your first baby here on the forum.


I am on not on the forum all that much as I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter, but I was so pleased to see your name when I popped on the forum today.


All the very best and please keep in touch every now and then. Thanks for all your support over the years!



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