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UK/Essex Runners - Spitfire Scramble 24-Hr Multi Terrain


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Okay, so maybe a little short notice . . . but I really wanted to make a team for this.


30-31st of August. Midday-Midday. 3 ranks. Solo, small team and large team. Most laps per team after 24 hours wins


I wouldn't mind a small "Team Vegan". I tried searching elsewhere and basically got ZERO responses. So I thought I would try here.

I probably should have tried here first!




I'm not sure of the prizes. But to be honest a high ranking/win for Team Vegan would be more than enough for me to go home happy.

Can never be too many nails in the coffin of the "weak vegan" myth!


There is still a little bit of time before final submissions so you don;t have to be too hasty. But yeah, obviously let me know if you are at all interested in it. Priority to veggies before I branch out to last minute non-veggie team mates.


Happy running guys!



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