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Hey all...


So, I am trying my best to completely go vegan and get fit... I did Veganuary and loved it, felt amazing but slipped back in to fish and dairy and it's all gone wrong. So, I am currently 15 stone and 5"8' 30 years old and always tired and worn out... and now completely against sustenance through animals products.


So I am just saying hey for the minute and I will have a look through the site, then get back with my current stats etc and then push for my goals. I need a lot of support on this one as my mind is buzzing on the change, which I am looking forward too. But I need to implement training and diet accordingly so will hopefully be getting some inspiration and support from you all and advice.


I have to walk the dogs now, but I will be back once I have done that and I can get into the nitty gritty of it all.

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Hi there!


Congratulations on making such a huge step towards a healthy lifestyle. Veganism is about compassion, including for ourselves. You are attempting to undo patterns that took years, if not decades to create.


Here's a quote I love about Patience, from the book Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living:


With patience compassion arises;

with patience wisdom arises;

with patience we are at peace.


Celebrate all the good, positive, beautiful things you do. We live in a world where there is pretty consistent pressure to do the complete opposite of living a vegan lifestyle. Becoming vegan for the long haul is not too different from building muscle, at least for many: it takes time, knowledge, and perseverance.


I hope this helps.



Another Human

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Sorry, I should be more active on here.


My diet before was horrendous. Too much meat, too much cheese, too much processed junk food, sugar and alcohol. And smoking.... no breakfast, binge eating at night, late often, convenience food in reality.

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