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Crystal's Powerlifting and Strongman (and other fun stuffs)

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2 Mar 2015 -Mon


Sqt: warm ups

10 x 135 lbs

8 x 165 lbs

6 x 185 lbs

4 x 205 lbs - a little ugly but depth was good


Good Mornings: 10 x 75 lbs, 95 lbs, 115 lbs, 115 lbs


Time to step squats up more this was too easy, i.e. I could walk to my car with no trouble and my legs feel fine


Also, forgot to log a bench session last Thurs, oops!

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Thanks EdensDemise!


10 Mar 2015 - Tues


Squat: warm ups

10 x 135 lbs

10 x 165 lbs

8 x 185 lbs

5 x 205 lbs

1 x 225 lbs

1 x 235 lbs


Good Mornings: warm ups

10 x 95 lbs

10 x 105 lbs

10 x 115 lbs


I'm getting lazy at updating this log! Sunday was a fun bench and Strongman day. Did Log presses, yoke walk, tire flips, and one arm shoulder presses

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14 Mar 2015 - Sat

Deadlift Competition. I got 275 lbs to tie my PR


15 Mar 2015 - Sun

Usual Sunday lifting group. Wasn't gonna do much since I DL'd yesterday, but couldn't help myself!


Bench: warm-ups

3 x 10 x 115 lbs

1 x 135 lbs (just to see if I could still)


Farmers Walks:

100' x 90 lbs per hand

100' x 140 lbs per hand

20' x 180 lbs per hand - grip failed me on these!

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Thanks EdensDemise, but no, not my first comp. Certainly one of the more laid-back and fun ones I've done in awhile


22 March 2015 - Sunday


Bench: warm ups

10 x 95 lbs

8 x 115 lbs

8 x 125 lbs

3 x 135 lbs

f x 145 lbs


Axle DL: warm ups

10 x 110 lbs

10 x 160 lbs

10 x 180 lbs


Shoulder Press:

DB 3 x 55 lbs one arm at a time

Log 3 x 100 lbs


Took this week off lifting, that comp plus training right after (knew I shouldn't but couldn't help myself!) really knocked me out so I took some time off the gym. Next comp is a Strongman one in April, then I have powerlifting in Austin as a Plantbuilt team member

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29 Mar 2015 - Sun


DL: warm-ups

5 x 5 x 225 lbs


Tire Flips: 12, 15, 17 x 300 lbs tire


Shrugs: 3 x 20 x 45s


Planks: 4 x 35 seconds x 45 lbs


Also, went and learned some Highland Games (HG) stuffs yesterday. Learned Weight Over Bar (WOB) and Sheaf Toss. Both super fun and I hope to get into HG a bit more

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I'm so bad at updating!


11 Apr 2015 - Sat - Highland Games in the Park


Weight Over Bar: 13 feet (with 28 lbs)

Sheaf Toss: 14 feet (10 lbs bag)

Heavy Hammer Toss: 39 feet 9.75 inches (16 lbs)

Light Hammer Toss: 50 feet 7.75 inches (12 lbs)

Caber: flipped "qualifier" caber and then the light one.

Braemer Stone Put: 25 feet 9.5 inches (13 lbs)

Open Stone Put: 29 feet 7.75 inches (8 lbs)

Heavy Weight for Distance: 12 feet 8 inches (28 lbs)

Light Weight for Distance: 34 feet 6 inches (14 lbs)


First Highland Games event EVER for me, went in the novice womens class. There were 6 of us and I got 2nd place. It was super fun, gonna have to do more of these!



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