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Help with Weight Gaining Program

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I've been vegan for about more than a year now. I'm 130 (lost 10lb since going vegan), 20 years old, and apparently I have a a fast metabolism.


People tell me I'm very, very skinny. I cannot continue to be skinny. As of now I'm more committed to gaining weight than I ever have.


I want to gain weight and put on muscle. I'm putting myself on a diet, but I'm not sure what kind of diet. I need help with grocery lists and meal plans (snacks and smoothies). I know most fats, but I want to get the best bang out of my meals, so I want to eat what I need to eat and avoid any other foods that will not benefit me.


I know of a few foods.

This is my first post and I plan to be a member and learn from all of you.

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I can give you a little bit of advice as I am in a similar boat. I have difficulties gaining weight but I have noticed a couple of things that have helped me. I have a fast metabolism as well and just encourage you to stay consistent and don't give up!


1. Increased your daily intake of calories, make sure that you are taking in more energy than you are putting out. Try things like protein shakes, smoothies (loaded with fruit and raw nuts/seeds), porridge, grain etc.


2. Weight training - If you are not going to a gym I would suggest trying that out as well. i have not been going for very long but have already noticed a difference in my body. Gained weight slightly. (Once again be careful that you are consuming enough food throughout the day).


Anyway, just a few pointers but I am sure the others on here will have much more to say than me. if you have any questions feel free to message me!

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