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Breakfast Smoothies...

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They grow all year around. If the birds get to them before we do, when they poop them out we have papaya growing everywhere. We are just starting mango season. It is the very beginning. Soon we will be knee deep in mangos!!


My smoothy this morning:


fresh sqeezed orange juice


handful of baby spinach

basil and 2 sprigs of mint




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1 banana

couple kale leaves

rice milk


Was afraid to put kale with blueberries for some reason... didn't want to ruin my precious blueberries I guess. But couldn't even taste the kale so it was good. Been adding ginger but I can't even tell a difference.

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I am an absolute smoothie fanatic.. I have 2-3 per day... it's

one of the main reasons I spend sooo much of my money on fresh produce! They probably also make up about 80% of my calories for the day..haha..


ok ok.. so, my recipes change every day, depending on what I feel

I need nutritionally, but here it what I drank this morning:


(note: complete estimations on measurements)

1 1/2 cups Genesis apple juice(fresh, raw)

1 1/2 cups OJ (fresh, raw)

1 1/2 teaspoons of flax seeds(raw)

1 cup marionberries (local, organic, frozen)

probably...around, 12 strawberries(fresh, raw)

1 banana(fresh, raw)

1 gigantic Lacinato kale leaf!

A few leaves of raw spinach

2 teaspoons raw hemp seed oil

1 mango

4 cubes of ice.


All organic ingredients, raw, delicious smoothie!

Created about 1.5 liters(exact) of smoothie heaven!



I can't believe I drank all of that....



also, I change it up all of the time, but I always add spinach or kale.

raw oats, hemp protein powder or pea protein powder, flax seeds,

sprouted almonds/raw almond butter, avocado, probiotics, vega powder.. the list goes on.... but all very good additions!



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