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Vegetarian again!

Cellar Yeti

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It took me a long time to get the ok from my doctor to start stripping animal products back out of diet (well a few months ago, but I've been busy) . I respect my Holistic doc tremendously and trust his judgment. I've also discovered I am not allergic to lactose or casein, but the albumin and globulin in milk based proteins, so cheese, Whey, yogurt etc all kill me. It only took 24hrs from switching back to pea/rice protein for my horrible backne to abate. Still avoid soy, wheat, corn and all the other shit they put in "food".


I still eat heavy whipping cream and sour cream (almost no milk protein) but I'm looking for a Vegan alternative to sour cream with probiotics in it i can get up here. I'm trying to get away from dairy because of how evil the industry is.


I do still eat eggs daily. But always strive for local pet chicken eggs or really good ethical store bought ones like pasture Verde.


Off fish/cod oil and taking all Vegan supplements though! Dha/epa, d3, vitamin k, whole food multi, and nettle. Also never stopped using cruelty free stuff.


I don't think i can or will ever become vegan again but I've found a happy middle ground for me and the animals. Since the disaster I've packed on huge amounts of muscle; even after my vegetarian transition I continued to add. Along with manual labor, boxing, yoga, hiking, running, strongman work and lifting I've managed to break, 160lb at 8% body fat! (:


I'm glad I'm back here. I feel content.

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Thanks! I'm very happy! I've also greatly diversified how I'm training. Still lifting 3x week for around 40 minutes, no power movements anymore with varying rep ranges. One day of farmers walks 100 feet x 5-8, kickboxing/boxing once a week for 45 minutes, one day of either hiking or jogging (sometimes both in a week) , and one day and of yoga/mobility drills. Then I work do wood spliting/hauling a couple times a week for 3-6hrs.


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