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Yet another big name bodybuilder passes

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Just found out yesterday that the former Mr Olympia competitor Mike Matarazzo has passed away aged just 48 - due to heart complications, this came of the back of having open heart surgery ten years ago aged 38. I recall Mike stating in an interview 10 years ago, that were he'd had some good times at the IFBB, it wasn't worth it, he openly admitted that the bodybuilding lifestyle and steroid abuse destroyed his life. Unfortunately he join's a long line off bodybuilders from that 90s era that have suffered and passed far to soon, makes me think as to what lies ahead of today's top champs...



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Man, that is sad to hear.


I was talking with my buddy Derek Tresize about some favorite bodybuilders, and I mentioned Nasser El Sonbaty. He told me Nasser had died. I had no idea. And then Derek told me another big name bodybuilder from the 90's had recently died. I guessed Mike Matarazzo because I know he had some heart issues, but then Derek and I watched the Olympia and I forgot to look it up.


I always liked Mike. I even have a photo of me and him in my book. He was outspoken against vegetarianism, saying vegetarians were weak with thinning hair and things like that. Sorry to hear about this loss.


Mainstream bodybuilding sure is rough on the body.

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