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Vegan Fitness Diet


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Ok, so I was vegan for 4 years previously, and then I moved back to my mums and fell off the bandwagon and got myself back in the gym eating meat again (I hated it) I always have hated eating meat, I have been eating 100g protein with carbs every 2 and a half hours and protein shakes etc, how can I implement this to a vegan diet plan? for bikini fitness competitions? I do weight training and cardio 6 times a week. xx

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100 gm protein a day? For serious body building, do you weigh over 140lbs? Otherwise I would suggest you're over doing it. Note that too much protein can also get stored as fat in your body...esp around the midsection.


Personally, I don't go for the whole protein shake thing. Sometimes add in a scoop of pea protein powder to my smoothie that I make myself so I know exactly what is in it. Mostly on days when I know my lunch or dinner may be a bit more plant heavy and protein light -- eat for what you did or will do.


What you are about to read may be controversial... and like what team is better, there are different opinions out there. I've been trying this now for almost a year and it is working very well for me!


For decades since Joe Weider (who happened be SELLING protein powder) more was always deemed 'better'....


Likewise, carbs have gotten a bad rap too. Body needs carbs for energy and for rebuilding. Protein is a poor energy source.


Difference is the source of your carbs. Skip processed carbs. Largely skip white things (rice, bread, etc.).


And carb up at the right times.


Eat for either what you just did, or what you're about to do.


So, breakfast...need some clean carbs to get your day going...my breakfast (when not having quinoa/lentils mash up I posted up for gymgirlfit!) is a breakfast bowl (thanks Mike Dolce!!): Oatmeal, steel cut oats, peanut/almond butter (sometimes), bit of cinnamon, maple syrup (sometimes), bulger (sometimes), fresh fruit, splash of almond milk.....


To be lean, you gotta eat something every 2-3 hours. Meal, then right snack, meal, then right snack......


Pre-workout, balancing act based on your workout and how you feel. When I started doing extreme workouts at Krav, I had to shift my carbs and fruits around so I would have energy all the way through 1.5 hrs of intense work. Then after, hydration, probably a more protein heavy meal but still with clean carbs and lots of veggies.


Mix it up. Don't buy the myth either about fruit and sugar. All sugars aren't the same. Natural vs processed.


Lastly, might ask you to post up what a typical average day's meals are for you guys...then can be more specific.


lastly, check her out....#BOOM!!!!



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lastly, just to share,


How to Be an MMA Fighter on a Vegan Diet

Daniel O'Rourke, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Mar 13, 2011

MMA may very well be the fastest-growing sport in the world today. As techniques, training methods and fighting styles are evolving rapidly, another aspect is evolving as well; fighters are changing their diets. Even in

boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, we are seeing an increasing trend of vegan fighters. Athletes are finding that they can gain more muscle, lose more weight, and win more fights on a vegan diet. But how do you become a champion fighter on a vegan diet? These are tips on how to become a vegan warrior.


#1 Go for whole foods.


The ideal vegan diet comes primarily from whole vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans. Supplements, energy bars and protein shakes are great, but they should not compromise your whole diet. Foods come in varying degrees of wholeness, so remember that the less processed it is, the better. Brown rice is better than white rice, apples are better than apple sauce, and tempeh, miso or tofu are all better than soy protein concentrate. Following this rule, you will lose weight, gain muscle and have more steady energy.


#2 Don't stress about protein.


Vegans have no problem getting enough protein. It is true you need the protein to build up muscles and recover from training, but even the most brutal MMA training regimen does not demand animal flesh. All vegetables and whole grains contain protein. Nuts seeds and beans are especially rich in vegan protein. If you're really looking to up your intake, you can go for tofu, tempeh, miso or spirulina. An MMA fighter needs at least 1.6 grams of protein per Kg of body weight. If you're eating right, you should have no problem getting all the amino acids you need to build muscle.


#3 Don't skip the fat. You have likely heard that you should avoid all fats, but I'm telling you otherwise. Fats will keep you feeling full for longer, and you will need them for endurance over the long, grueling training sessions that

MMA requires. Vegan fighters don't get their fats from meat, they get them from sources rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Canola or olive oil, nuts and avocados are all good sources. Avoid packaged foods, which are packed with saturated and trans fats.


#4 Ignore low-carb fad diets


Carbohydrates are your body's main source of fuel and energy. You are not going to be an MMA champion without energy; you aren't even going to survive training. A vegan fighter loves his carbohydrates. Eat natural, unprocessed sources like: whole grains, potatoes, and fruit. Avoid processed sugars and packaged food, which will slow you down and make you fat.


#5 Avoid alcohol completely (#WTH!?!?!! LOL!)


Staying away from alcohol is not a guideline; it's a rule. One beer can set you back 2 weeks or more. Vegan or not, nothing will beat you faster than spending a Saturday at the bar.


By following these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a vegan fighter. Whether you are boxing, kickboxing or fighting MMA, you are now on your way to dominating your sport.

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