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enough protein

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hiya gymfitgirl!


welcome to the lifestyle!


So, not to worry you too much. A diet with a variety of veg to include dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc.) is a start. As they can be filling, for heavy exercise days you can jam a lot into a smoothie/nutri-bullet. Toss in some fruit, some ice, bit of almond milk if you like...and for added bonus you can add in some hemp or pea-protein which is flavorless.


Also, don't neglect nuts and grains (quinoa! yum!) and beans.


A great breakfast I go with often is qunina, lentils, chopped peppers n onions, maybe mushrooms, and if you swing that way some litelife sausage. Spices or not to suit your tastes or your mood. Usually have mine of quality toast. Reheats nicely too so you can make in bulk if you prefer.


A balanced, variety diet and you'll get all the protein you need.


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