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What do you eat for protein???


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Hello Everyone,


I am new to this website, I recently saw a personal trainer who set me up with a diet plan which is working great but I find I am eating tons of tofu, like 2 blocks a day. I am worried about the hormones in the soy I am ingesting. Has anyone looked into how much soy is okay for us or if anyone has an alternate protein source to supplement some of my soy with. I am allergic to hemp protein so I don't eat any of the Vega products. Thanks so much!



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I eat plenty of tofu, soy milk, soy yoghurt and soy protein.

Probably more than what would be reasonable, with no side effect so far (I've been vegan and eating that way for 1 year now).

Soy protein actually goes down better than whey in shakes.


Other sources of protein are seitan, legumes, nutritional yeast, rice/pea protein, quinoa, nuts.

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i only really eat any soy at breakfast. Here's a typical day in the new bulking diet i have started:


100g oats, 200g alpro soy yogurt, 200ml vegan milk, honey, juice (wheat grass, pineapple, grape seed extract)


4xwholemeal slices, 100g peanut butter, 400ml water (or protien shake)


protein bar, protein shake(hemp+glutamine), fruit


wholemeal tortillas, 160g refreied beans, half avocado, 400ml water


75g humus, tortilla chips, fruit, 400ml water


protein shake (wheat grass, broccoli, pea, rice, glutamine)


50g lentils, 100g quinoa, nutritional yeast, hemp protein, fruit, 400ml water


pre-workout: strong organic coffee

intra-workout: clean machine BCAAs, organic fruit juice


FATS 116.6 CARBS 500.1 PROTEIN 200 KCAL 3334

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2 blocks of tofu is I'm guessing around 60-70g soya protein. How much is that of your total protein consumption per day? As a female I'm guessing you're not nailing huge amounts of protein.


I get around 50-60g soya protein per day, out of a total of 200g. The rest comes from peanut butter, almonds, pea protein in shakes, chick peas, oats, beans & so on.


There's no conclusive proof soya is bad for you, despite the fact your average gym-goer will recoil in horror if you mention tofu! I limit my intake purely because I don't want to over-rely on one single source of protein.

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