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too much fibers = malabsorption? - Really need help

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Hi all, like i say in the other post i've a lot of probleme since i'm 100% vegan, difficult to rest, anxiety, loss of libido..


after a looot of reseach and try (up calori, up fat,reduce training, more sleep)

i think it's my fibers intake (about 110g each day) who block my zinc absorption.


There is anyone who have this pbm? how many fibers do you eat each day please? really need help , if i dont find solution i have to include fish in my diet and i dont want to do that...

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i take a multivit vega all morning, but i take it with a spinach juice.. so maybe the phytic acid and the calcium block the zinc... I will Begun by stop spinach juice this week, (i have 4lb of it , two at the wake up with my multi and two after workout) if without spinach the probleme is same i try to stop large amount of green at each meal, but i dont want it because lot of green and fiber make me feel good...

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