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Advice on vegan BULKING nutrition and training routine

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Hey, i have been a gym rat for quite some time now as a ovo vegeterian, but i have recently read Roberts book and have begun vegan bodybuilding. I have put together a nutrition and training programme myself using a food budget of 25 pounds a week. I would like some feedback please.


here is and typical day


100g oats, 500mg lysine, 200g alpro soy yogurt, 200ml vegan milk, honey, juice (wheat grass, pineapple, grape seed extract)


4xwholemeal slices, 100g peanut butter, 400ml water (or protien shake)


protein bar, protein shake(hemp+glutamine), fruit


wholemeal tortillas, 160g refreied beans, half avocado, 400ml water


75g humus, tortilla chips, fruit, 400ml water


protein shake (tsp wheat grass, 10g broccoli powder, 30g pea+ rice, 5g glutamine)


50g lentils, 100g quinoa, 100g broccoli, nutritional yeast, hemp protein, fruit, 400ml water


pre-workout: one cup strong organic coffee, and 400ml organic beet juice

intra-workout: clean machine BCAAs, organic fruit juice


FATS 116.6 CARBS 500.1 PROTEIN 200 KCAL 3334



monday- back and bis

tuesday- chest, tris and abs

wednesday- HIIT 100m sprints

thursday- shoulders, traps and abs

friday- legs and calves



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I would advice keeping a journal and asking individuals specific questions and using the search button to search for key words for topics you are interested in getting more info about.

I would also add a lot more whole foods fruits and veggies to your diet. Something fermented like sauekraut or kimchee will help you digest and use the nutrient from beans and lentils more efficiently as well as cut down on gas.



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I posted earlier, but for some reason it didn't go through. I'd agree with Dylan up there re: journal. Also, that's a ton of food man, are you sure your macros are accurate? 100g of peanut butter is 50g fat (and 588 cals) per calorieking.com. I'd make sure your fat intake isn't too high. But, other than that, your protein intake is huge. I guess just make sure your training meets your food intake. Good luck on getting huge!

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also i shall buy some of this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Biona-Organic-Demeter-Sauerkraut-Pack/dp/B0062Y6EBW/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411029968&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=sauekraut when i get some money. if it helps reduce farts, my family and girlfriend will be eternally grateful to you.


personally i wouldnt buy that Sauerkraut (i know your on a budget and money can be tight) this Sauerkraut is pasteurized and doesnt have all the vital nutrients/enzymes and live probiotics compared to unpasteurized.


this is one thing im making imperative to my nutrition plan, live fermented food like sauerkraut, tempeh etc. it will help massively in digesting a ton of food as one thing i worry with bulking is your intestines have the potential to get pretty messed up if you dont look after them, if you dont take probiotics daily (from fermented foods the best) then your liver has to work double hard to produce the enzymes to digest that shit ton of food your eating,2nd best to getting a load of enzymes in to assist your digestion and give your liver a bit of a break is fresh veggie juices


sorry for long post but hopefully this helps a bit.

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