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Right Knee Pain

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I had an ankle injury 6 months ago, by then i recoverd very well, since a few days i am starting again to rehab my body to physical stress and weightlifting, the problem is, i tried to make bodyweight squat and my right knee feels like inflamed especially on the right part and behind. I doubt it is about the form

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Hi Eden,


How's it going....


I've also had issues with knee pain (left knee ACL injury), a few years back, the pain got so bad i could barely walk up a set of stairs, and in the gym i was unable preform any full range lower body movements. After doing much research, i decided to turn down surgery (as I've heard good and bad opinions from people who've had knee surgery) and began to rehab the knee myself with static contraction training....since moving through the position's of disadvantaged leverage caused pain.

What helped the most was static contraction leg extension's, ie having a training partner help me into the fully contracted position and statically holding the resistance to failure. After just 3 weeks, i was able to perform static leg presses and squats (holding the resistance in the position of maximum motor arm), and then just a few weeks after that i was able to once again perform lower body movements through a full range of motion...pain free.


Maybe static contraction training could help you too:)



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Hey thank you!

never heard of static contraction training, at the moment i am still not able to go to a gym because of financial problems, but do you know some exercises who could help to my right knee? ( i have dumbbells)

You think i should wait until my pain goes away? i really think is an inflammation, maybe due to the 6 months of not training, and basically i could not move so much.

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