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injured, should I eat less?


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Depends on what was you activity, the intensity of your training and your number of sessions per week.

Let's say your jog 1 hour 3 times a week, that would be about 600 cal/session x 3= 1800cal/week.

You'd want to cut-down by 300 cal/day.

That's no necessarily eating less - maybe just eating differently, going for more vegs and low-calorie fruits like berries.


Or you could do it the easy way and listen to your body

When I train less, I'm less hungry and don't crave high calorie food.


Best of luck with your recovery !

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ill try eating less calories... i can´t listen to my body... he´s always telling me to eat...


That's why you should listen to your body....instead of listening to bro-scientists, people that tell you to eat meat, and psychiatrists that tell you you're emotional-eating. Your body wants more calories.


Like I said in yesterday's video, "never restrict anything"(except un-natural things). It's un-natural to restrict..


What about weight gain???

Well, that's where eating right comes in. When you eat a low fat(under 40g) diet high in healthy food, you don't get fat.

Fat storage is the body's protection when it's lacking something.


- Gary High-Fruit

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