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mvj training journal


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Treadmill Interval 30 mins, avg. 7.0mph


Vertical Chest Press machine 50kg x 10 x 3

Dumbbell Curls 32.5lbs x 8 x 3

Overhead Press 50lb x 10 x 3

Assisted Chin Ups 32kg x 6 x 3

Assisted Dips 32kg x 8 x 3

Squat machine thing 160lb+bar x 6 x 3

125 crunches of various styles



Running outside - 7miles @ 8:15 min per mile avg

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I wasn't able to make it to the gym lately, due to taking care of sick family. I was able to get some cardio/fun in however, which is good because it is what keeps me sane. I can't believe what difference in mood and attitude a little bit of exercise makes. I know a lot of people fall off during the holidays, I'm actually looking forward to some time off work so I can get back on track during the holidays!




5 miles running @ 8:00/mi

(Stress release!)



90 minutes surfing

(My moments of Zen for the week!)

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Oh nice, you started a journal here with us, awesome. Looks like a good start. You mentioned you are most concerned with your diet in your intro. Maybe keeping tabs on what you eat is also a good thing to track?


Great idea, I think I'll keep a food log here too. I've been tracking on and off, but its time that I get serious about it. Using some of info from the following thread I came up with some goal numbers. If anyone has any comments about these I'd be grateful. Thanks!!





Weight: 84 kg


BMR: 2037 kcal


TEE: 2648 kcal


Protein: 166 g

Fat: 83 - 160 g

Carbs: 373 - 539g

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