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losing fat after injury


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Hi, 6 months ago I had an ankle fracture and broken ligaments, I didnt workout during that time now I am back in the gym but I gained at least 7 kg fat.. I would love to lose those extra kgs before january.. I will post my w/o plan and the diet I will follow..



Bench press

Barbell row

Overhead press


In the evening

Cable curls

And cable for triceps


Same workout on Wednesday and Friday with some abs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. .


My diet:

Breakfast: 40gr almonds 10gr seeds and protein shake with 200 ml of rice milk, banana, apple or other fruits.

Post w/o: protein shake with fruits and broccoli

After 1hour:

70 gr of red lentils and 100 gr of hummus bcaa and some veggies and 4 rice cakes




Vegan burgers and veggies



Protein shake with a bit of peanut butter


150gr of proteins per day.. I try to not use carbs because I used to eat a lot of carbs during these months


I do even 20 hours fasting on 2 rest days at the end of the week..


What do you think? Any advice will be appreciated

Thanks a lot

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