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Stair Climbing

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i know this is a bit weird, but have you ever tried stair climbing workouts as a cardio workout? I have read a lot about it and it seems like a useful training for resistance and cardio.

I often am lazy to go out and run in the cold and rain and i hate cardio machines because they are boring and static..

I tried to climb 150 flights of stairs in a day and i can say my heart was beating really fast and i felt really good..

Does anyone have some opinions about it?

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There are plenty of variations you could do in training on stairs, like: each stair; every other stair; backwards stairs; step leaps; lateral step-ups; two(+) touch per stair; up up/down down; etc., and then add weights on all of those. If you add weights, I'd look into getting a weight vest so you don't blow your grip by the middle of the session. Can't say I'm not jealous of the idea!

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Do you think it could be useful if made everyday, maybe with some extra weights to carry?

Might get quickly boring to do it everyday. I'd try to mix up with other things like cycling/swimming/cross training/rowing for variety.

When I want to make it harder, I don't bother with weights and turn the speed up instead.

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Sand bags are super easy to make. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a 50lb bag of sand and a roll of duct tape, I use gorilla tape. Wrap the entire bag with duct tape and you have a 50 lb sand bag that is very durable. You can also cut the bag open first to pour some sand out to make a bag that is lighter. Very affordable. Less than $10

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