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High Protein, non-soy whole foods for a post workout burger


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Am trying to come up with a recipe for the ultimate veggie burger that is absolutely jam packed with protein, but soy free. I've been scared off soy, and until recently that was my #1 protein source.


I've become a post workout veggie patty addict, ones that were kept frozen and then you just fry them up and make a burger. The ones I were eating were pure soy though, so want to make my own.


Hoping to come up with a recipe that will get me about 25-30 grams of protein in a 110g (or so) patty. Can make a big batch and then just heat and eat after workouts with my vega shakes.


Foods that are in the running:


Hemp seeds


Black Beans

Mushrooms (for texture)



Any helpful adds? Things to add protein or make good flavour?




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I made my first one today. Pretty much 1 part hemp seeds and 1 part black beans (about 6 table spoons of each), mixed in a flax seed "egg", garlic powder, worcester sauce, smokey bbq chipotle sauce, and topped with a miso sauce. Fried in coconut oil. Served on a bun with Kale and tomato. Pretty damn tasty actually, and definitely loaded with protein thought the thing was huge.

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