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Calorie Discrepancies?


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Has anyone had this issue when calculating their macros?


Take the label for a popular brand of coconut milk


Calories: 70

Total Fat: 4.5

Total Carb: 8

Protein: 0


No alcohol is in the coconut milk, so total fat + total carb = total calories.


Total Fat: 4.5*9 = 40.5

Total Carb: 8*4 = 32

40.5+32 = 72.5


According to the label there is a discrepancy here. Now, for one part of my diet this doesn't necessarily bother me, but there are the same discrepancies found even in the FDA nutrition facts for nuts, fruits, and veggies. This really throws off my macro calculations.


New to the whole calorie counting as I am trying to be more diligent about discovering my particular needs. Can anyone help me with this?

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Why is calorie counting so important to you?


Lol. I was doing this to figure out the caloric content of the foods I eat regularly to ensure I was getting enough of each macro nutrient.


I am not counting calories now, I just wanted to do that as a method of insurance. I have a fast metabolism and have in the past had trouble putting on weight and muscle.

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