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Type of proteins

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Recently converted vegan very concerned about keeping my size up on my new diet. I've read several forums about about eating legumes/nuts etc about keeping protein levels up. I travel (by plane) multiple days a week so carrying food isn't practical, I was thinking about protein powder but cant decide between rice, pea or whey.


Looking for advice or guidance. Thanks much

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1. Whey is not vegan. It's derived from dairy. Sorry about that.


2. Rice Protein is good, but memory seems to serve me that it had less bang for the calories.


3. Pea Protein is also great, and allegedly more easily digestible (than soy, but it is similarly digestible to rice). From what I can recall, pea was better than rice protein as far as calories per gram of protein.


4. Some people like isolates, some like a more whole foods approach with stuff like Vega.


5. If the commercial stuff like Vega or Sun Warrior are too pricey, I found good quality and affordable protein powder at TrueNutrition.com. You can even mix your own batch, and select from a variety of flavors.

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