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How many grams of protein

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Hello all,


I just converted to a vegan diet, I'm 6'0 190 and want to stay this weight. I have some rice protein and wondered if I should also get some pea protein. I'm wondering how many grams I need, according to my weight he guidelines are somewhere upwards of 140 grams and most days I'm getting about 60..do I really need 140 grams to maintain-build size.

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Bodies are all different. I found that I lost a bit of muscle when I dropped my protein from body weight to around 100g. I also found that my recovery was much slower and I had DOMs for a longer time. However, I have read many good outcomes of low protein intake from a few people... I just haven't found that in my experience. Overall, I believe a very spot on CLEAN diet along with eating enough food and adequate progressive lifting will allow you to maintain and possibly build (very very slowly) your muscle regardless of protein as long as you are getting some and other good healthy foods along with supplements and especially amino acids.

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