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Instant Macro/Nutrition information for recipes

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I just found out that you can drop a recipe URL onto My Fitness Pal and it will automatically find ingredients, let you choose brands, then calculate nutrition, incl. macro and micro nutrients per serving. This is so awesome! WINNING


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woah, holy **** that's amazing, i wonder if they have a tool where you can just type out the ingredients on say, notepad, and upload it to that thing and have it work its magic, rather than recipes someone else has made...

i will have to check this out, will report back later

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this is amazing, they have a text input version, i tested it out with my favorite recipe




i think you should try to be somewhat specific with the ingredients, 500g chocolate came up with 2.14 cups milk chocolate

also seems like it picks out the healthier options, so probably wise to include a brand name


but yeah, this is incredible, thanks for bringing it to my attention

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