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whoops adzuki burgers (recipe)

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So i wanted to make something with a bit of a protein kick to it, i read a recipe somewhere, cant remember where a while ago on adzuki bean burgers, since it's harder to get black beans around here


anyway, they didnt turn out well on the macros, but they taste good, they are also loaded in calories (whoops)




Yeah, i wanted to stay more true to the recipe, from what i recalled, the recipe didn't include chilli, or pecans, i kinda mis-estimated the macros for the bread crumbs and the pecans (i think the brand that i bought have more protein in them)

it's not a massive bummer, i'll use the extra calories right now anyway


anyway, here's the recipe


2 brown onions (finely chopped, or processed)

230g cooked adzuki beans

1 1/4 cup bread crumbs

35g flour

1tsp agave/ honey

110g pecans (these really added to the calories)

mixed herbs

several teaspoons worcestershire sauce, or barbeque sauce

1 chilli (finely chopped)

teaspoon or so of garlic

vegetable stock (i used under 1 tsp)


lightly fry onions, chilli, and garlic, use your judgement for this


now, just put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them all together, squish them in your hands until thoroughly combined


i seperated mine into 150g (well, 148g) patties, and stacked them, seperated with baking paper, and put in a container in the fridge


i think next time, i will make something similar, using these ingredients instead



http://puu.sh/fW5h9/a7882c9da7.png - forgot to rename them to white bean patties lol

(calores, carbs, fats, proteins, sodium, sugar)


perhaps i'll replace some of the oat flour with just plain gluten, to boost the protein in it.

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