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Who here meal preps?

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Curious to know the lifestyle and recipes behind vegan meal prepping. Been reading up a lot on the subject in general and am planning on purchasing a lot of tupperware and foods to prep with as it seems like a productive lifestyle change in addition to eating economically. Some foods I plan on putting together consists of: Carbs - Brown rice, quinoa, ww pasta / Proteins - Legumes, tvp, seitan, nuts / Greens - Spinach, Kale, peas, various fruits/vegetables. Any tips on foods/recipes I should use? I'd like to make this a routine since I tend to eat out or buy overpriced foods at the market.

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You should read Bredan Brazier's book Thrive. Theres loads of really interesting healthy recipies in there. What i prep depends on what ill be eating that week. Sometimes i'll make a big batch of black bean veggie burgers and freeze them. i also make protein balls, so i get 1 cup of soaked or raw dates, 100g of quinoa(cooked), some scoops of protein powder, a handful of seeds, maybe some organic oats; then i blend it all up and roll them into balls and cover them in dessicated coconut. They're good for post workout, or snacks. I also make a fresh salsa sauce for my salads. I make a lot of wholefoods protein smoothies too, but its better to just make them fresh. could i see what you typically eat in a day? most of what i eat wouldnt be nice if i preped it.


breakfast- smoothie (5 bananas, 2 cups of berries, teaspon of flaxmeal, handful of spinach, 300ml beetroot juice, a scoop of hemp or reflex nutrition pea protein, 3g creapure). this usually takes about half an hour to drink and its delicious.


lunch- one head of romaine, a handful of organic prunes or figs and rice protein drink


snack- multigrain, buckwheat rice cakes with peanut butter


On workout days i usually have vega preworkout energiser, and post workout ill have a sprouted rice protein drink with spirulina and a homemade quinoa, flax, date, cocoa protein ball (the ingredients vary week by week).


dinner- 2 organic sweet potatoes, curried lentils, and a massive pile of spinach. I also blend a big handful of kale in 500ml of water and sqeeuze some lime in it, its a really watery, green earthy drink and its strangely addictive.


I supplement with b12(methly-cobalamin), folic acid and vitamin d. I use a lozenger, and let it dissolve into my blood stream sublingually.



(if i get exra hungry ill usually just make another smoothie)


I try to mix up my dinners everyweek, sometimes ill have

-organic tofu in miso soup

-mashed organic potatos, veggies and seitan saussages

-homemade spicy black bean burgers and loads of spinach

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I usually cook something like for 4 or 5 days and freeze it... take it out the night before and in my work just heat it... specially with things which take long like lentils. the only thing I don´t freeze is potatoes... the become... juck

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i sometimes do... usually when certain things are on special, i will make a load of food using it, and put in chinese containers, or similar, also like to make protein bars and such for quick small meals..


alot of the time i like to just eat really cheap, quick meals that can be microwaved

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