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Pre-workout supplements for vegans

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Looking for a effective pre-workou supplement. no awnsers along the lines of; an apple, coffee, or none thankyou . Also i have tried vega energizer and its okay for evening workouts, but i want something more powerful. I'm aware some pre workout ingredients aren't healthy, i'm not too bothered as im only going to use it with extremely tough workouts.

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if you want power try a homemade energy drink then... caffeine and taurine can be bought in the web and are quite cheap, add some vitamin B complex and some vitamin C and if you want some powder dextrose and there you have it. But be very careful with the amount of caffeine, think a red bull has 85mg per can, don´t use more. and no, taurine doesn´t come from any part or fluid of the bull... its synthetic (it would be rather expensive if not) I use this mix now and then and it works great. the amount of taurine is not so critical, I use around 1gr... that´s the amount in a red bull too.

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