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what do you put into a weight gainer shake?


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i have a couple i use.


1. tablespoon maca powder, scoop of organic soy protein, 50g fine oats, 3 bananas, 300ml coconut milk, 200ml water, tablespoon of almond butter


2. 3 bananas, handful of spinach, half a can of black beans, chocolate pea protein, beetroot juice and raspberries. (not that calorie dense though, but tastes amazing)


what igredients do you guys use ?

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1c soy milk

3c water

3 bananas

2c beans of some sort

1/4c pumpkin seed

1 scoop plantfusion protein powder


1t amla powder

2T flax seed


I also have a smaller shake during the day which is just Tru Food with a bit of milk and water and maybe some other things.

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